My art will inspire your design — and your clients

Imagine an empty room. Now, imagine that room with my natural abstract art on the wall. That blank space is suddenly filled with possibilities.

"This is what art should do: make spaces feel more humane, more real, more meaningful."
— one client’s reaction to my art

When you select my artwork as the first object for a room, you get a jumpstart on your design process. My art gives the room an emotional center, along with a rich palette of color and texture. Art gives the room a point of interest, and provides a context for your ideas. Starting a design with my art will help your ideas spring to life.

Show, don't tell

When your design presentation features a work of art, it also focuses your client's attention and engages their emotions. Clients aren't always visual thinkers. But the colors, textures, and themes of the art will demonstrate your design concept, and help them appreciate it faster.

discover your client's taste

Instead of asking your clients what they want, you can use my art to learn it directly. Encourage them to select a work of art. Watch as they explore my collection, and notice the colors and styles they respond to most.