Vote like nature depends on it

October 13, 2020 in Nature and environmenttopics:

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One of the “side effects” of making my natural abstract art is that I spend a lot of time immersed in nature: looking at it, working with it, and thinking about it. Over the years this has made me grow more aware of climate change and it’s impact on both the planet and our “everyday” natural world. But climate change is such a huge problem, it can feel like there’s not much we as individuals can do to make an impact.

But the one thing we in the United States can do right now is vote — specifically, vote for people who recognize the seriousness of the problem and are willing to take action. To promote this, I have created this poster which spells the word “VOTE” from a collage my abstract nature photographs of leaves and shells. When you purchase this poster between now and election day 2020, and I’ll donate half the profits to help support the Biden/Harris campaign, the League of Women Voters, and the ACLU.

Why am I supporting these organizations? It’s simple: of the two major political presidential campaigns, only the Biden/Harris campaign trusts scientists, recognizes the true seriousness of climate change, and actually has a plan for action. I am supporting the LWV and the ACLU as well, because of their ongoing advocacy and work to help ensure the protection of voting rights for all Americans. When the election is over, I’ll make a change, and donate half the profits to the Sierra Club, the LWV, and the ACLU.

purchase this poster

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