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two moods from one leaf

I created these two photographs from the same leaf, one I’ve been working with for two weeks now. Even though they’re from the same “simple” source, both photographs have such different moods, such different personalities: the last one was solid and grounded, while this one…  read more

about the art: Quantum

December 11, 2020 in About my arttopics:

This little jewel is a forsythia bud that got caught in an ice storm last spring. And let me just say: yellow is SUCH an annoying color. Seriously. I have spent the last four days working on that color alone, trying to get it right….  read more

tissue-thin mini-sculptures

September 18, 2020 in About my arttopics:

I’ve been spending the last few weeks working with the dried flowers from an orchid we have in our kitchen. It’s funny, I don’t like photographing orchids when they are still fresh and alive. They are just too much of a thing, you know? They are too…  read more


Whenever you haven’t made art in a while — whether its been a few days or a few months — you get rusty. Starting again is always a slow and sputtering process. I can almost feel a coarse red grit slowing my creativity down to a crawl, hampering my ability to create. And with that grit often comes the same familiar doubts. But I have learned through experience that this “creative rust” is not a problem, but a necessary part of the artistic process.

feeling the pressures of fall

October 31, 2019 in About my arttopics:

Autumn is a source of inspiration for my art. But it can also be a source of tension. Every leaf I see is a potential work of art. But that means every leaf I walk past is art that will never get made. It can…  read more

not so fast

October 18, 2019 in About my arttopics:

Some days I have such a strong urge to work quickly, and create as much art as possible. This often happens after a long walk, when I gathered a pile of leaves, twigs, and acorns, full of possibilities. Bursting with ideas, I just want to…  read more

inspiration in the common and overlooked

My abstract photographs explore our personal relationship with the natural world we experience everyday. I find my inspiration in common and overlooked scraps of nature, like this fallen leaf. They are a part of our environment we usually ignore, or at best consider a nuisance….  read more

finding an ocean in a patch of ice

June 24, 2019 in About my arttopics:

Ocean Storm – an abstract photograph of melting ice. Every year, there are just one or two precious days were conditions are perfect for these beautiful ice sculptures to form outside my home. A storm will pile snow and ice on the railing of my…  read more


When I was a kid, scarcity was part of the music experience. We’d scour used record bins in the backs of stores for quirky or interesting albums. We’d jerry-rig antennas to pick up that one crazy little radio station playing Frank Zappa. We save up…  read more

Celebrating the end of winter

April 01, 2019 in About my arttopics:

In the middle of winter, I bought my daughter some gerbera daisies to brighten up her room. But once they started to wilt, I stashed them into my studio to watch and study. I find flowers much more interesting when they are fading. The bright…  read more