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December 10, 2007  in  About my art related posts:

Like so much of my work, this photograph came about from a happy accident. I was exploring a leaf for a couple days, with little to show for it. Aspects of the leaf that looked compelling to my eye failed to translate through the lens….  read more



November 08, 2007  in  About my art related posts:

Speaking of glowing embers, I’ve been working on this photograph of a wild grape vine, which to me looks like a burning fuse. I found this vine growing at the top of the hill by our house, and snipped off some of the dried and…  read more

Ex Ovo

August 16, 2007  in  About my art related posts:

This is one I nearly thew away. I took this photograph over four months ago. It is from a series of photos I took of a very dead, very curled and dried leaf. Yes, I know, all the leaves I photograph are dead and dried,…  read more

Crown Vetch ©Daniel Sroka

a beautiful weed

June 11, 2007  in  About my art related posts:,

My three-year old son present this flower to my wife as a present. It was such a sweet thing to do, I had to try to preserve it through a photograph. Looking it up online, I found that it is a crown-vetch, a plant often…  read more

Stargazer Lily ©Daniel Sroka

stargazer lily

May 23, 2007  in  About my art related posts:

On Mother’s Day, my wife’s grandmother was admiring some stargazer lilies, and suggested that I should take some photographs of them. It was the first time she had expressed an interest in my work, so I was flattered. Then when a few days later a…  read more