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Abstractions of a fallen leaf by Daniel Sroka ©2010

Variations on a theme

Every photograph I create is usually the result of many hours of exploration and experimentation. As I am work with a new subject, I will often create a large number of photographs that are slight variations on each other, trying to find the exact image…  read more

in anticipation of fall

October 07, 2009 in About my arttopics:,

Quickly, fall is upon us. The leaves are just begining to change colors, with only the first few being shaken out of the trees by today’s unexpectedly strong wind. In anticipation of this year’s leaf “harvest”, I began clearing my studio of all of the…  read more

the kid’s got a good eye

July 09, 2009 in About my arttopics:,

A couple days ago, I was picking up my son from camp. As we walked back to the car, I pointed out to him all of these little leaves that littered the sidewalk. My son stopped, picked one up, and handed it to me. What…  read more

the leaf hunt

As autumn gives way to winter, my ketubah business tends to slow down, and I find more time to spend working in the studio. Autumn is a important time for me: to collect things to photograph, to search for new ideas and inspiration. My son…  read more