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More colors of autumn

October 27, 2016 in About my arttopics:

A little over a week ago, the first leaves began to turn color. And today, a chilled rain is knocking the last of the leaves from the trees. What a short season! But before the rain, I was able to collect a large number of…  read more

Autumn colors

October 14, 2016 in About my arttopics:, ,

Fall is here, which means more leaves to collect and work with! I have started a new art project this month, exploring the colors of autumn. A lot of my recent new work worked with very neutral colors and tones, so it is refreshing to…  read more

My love of leaves

September 22, 2014 in About my arttopics:,

You might have noticed that I love leaves. Especially the leaves of autumn, that have fallen from the trees and started to dry, color and curl. While most people see leaves as a seaonal nuisance to be raked up, I find them so unexpectly deep…  read more

a treasure to photograph

September 08, 2014 in About my arttopics:,

Sometimes, even a simple task like walking the dog can yield a treasure of new things to photograph. This time of year, I am constantly collecting leaves, twigs and bark whenever I find myself outside. I think I am going to need to limit my…  read more

collecting the new fall leaves

September 30, 2013 in About my arttopics:,

Summer feels like it just barely ended. But with the arrival of October (already?!), the temperature has begun to creep down, and the leaves have started to fall. Yes, my favorite time of year! Every fall, I usually head out to the local parks for…  read more

Vertigo - an abstract of a leaf ©Daniel Sroka

Vertigo – an abstract of a leaf

October 17, 2012 in About my arttopics:,

This leaf is a tiny one, and rather unassuming. But when I picked it up and turned it over, I was surprised to find a tiny perfect spiral hiding within it. I’ve been working with this leaf for about a week, trying to express this…  read more

discoveries while walking the dog ©Daniel Sroka

small discoveries

April 27, 2012 in About my arttopics:,

I was having a hard time focusing on work this morning, so I decided to take our dog for a quick walk to clear my head. (I do some of my best business planning while walking the dog.) The sun was bright but the wind…  read more

a great year for leaves

October 27, 2011 in About my arttopics:,

This time of year, you’ll usually see me looking down at the ground as I walk, with a clutch of dried leaves in my hand. It’s leaf hunt season again — one of the most important times of year for my art. This is when…  read more

organized chaos

After a day of work, my huge crazy pile of the detritus of nature that I collected last summer and fall has been sifted, edited, and organized. Every leaf, stick and seed was examined, and was either tossed out or loosely organized. I figure I…  read more

Back to making art!

After what feels like forever, today I am back to making art. And it feels great! The last few months been so busy (prepping for Artexpo, relationship-building afterwards, ramping up my ketubah biz for wedding season, etc.), that I haven’t been able to take as…  read more