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Making art every day

It has now been around ten days that I have been trying to make some art every day. And so far, it has been a success: you can follow my progress on Twitter. A lot of other artists on Twitter are also trying to get…  read more

An hour of art a day

There is a factoid that contrary to popular opinion, an artist will only spend 20% of their time actually making art, that the rest of their time is spent running their art business. For me, juggling my ketubah business alongside my oh-so-slow-growing fine art photography…  read more

leap second

December 31, 2008 in Art as a professiontopics:

This year, the powers that be have decided that we need an extra second added to the year. It’s an trivial amount of time, simply required to make the calendar’s bookkeeping all work out. But it’s an interesting idea, receiving this fraction of extra time….  read more

An artist’s obligation

January 18, 2008 in Art as a professiontopics:,

“An artist’s obligation is to create and support his loved ones.” — Yuri Gevorgian Yuroz Amen. Seriously, what else matters? It is too easy to get hung up on unimportant matters. I know that when my nose is to the grindstone, and I’m cranking out…  read more

sound of the new year flying by

January 04, 2008 in Art as a professiontopics:,

It’s another new year. To borrow the wisdom of Douglas Adams: I love new years, I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. It has been an eventful year, and it feels like it is on the cusp of even more. It…  read more

hungry for your art

What makes you hungry to make art? What conditions do you need to to be in to find enough fuel to fire your creativity? In his blog today, Wil Wheaton describes a friend of his who quit his well-paying job to start acting: …he said…  read more

a benefit of working from home

a benefit of working from home

September 24, 2007 in Art as a professiontopics:,

Working from home can be tough. Working for yourself can be tougher. It’s hard not having an infrastructure to work within, guidelines that help you know what’s expected of you. It’s tough not having any co-workers, people to chat with, work with, and use as…  read more

balancing life as an artist and parent

My art group was recently talking about how having kids impact your art career, and Cynthia described it really well: “It requires discipline and a letting go of whatever idea that you have in your head about what being an artist is all about.” Trying…  read more

Thank you Charles Schulz

My nearly-3 year old just discovered Snoopy. He’s known about the Peanuts for a while, but recently he really connected with the stories. We have several of the Peanuts’ holiday specials on DVD, and he began watching them over and over (and over). Within a…  read more


March 20, 2006 in Art as a professiontopics:

Things are definitely getting busy around here! As I mentioned before, one way I make a living from my art is by creating ketubot (a ketubah is a fine art wedding contract) which combine my photography and typographic design. The business has been taking off,…  read more