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August 07, 2007 in Art as a professiontopics:

One more time! Thank you to Andrea of Anything Indie for posting about my art. She said “…I really love a great bit of photography with images that represent life at its best.. Images in photographs that make you feel good just by looking at them. That’s how I feel when I view the work of Daniel Sroka.” I may blush. 🙂

Lately I’ve been caught up in the details of my art, trying to refine some of my techniques. I’ve been working on improving my lighting skills, which is a never-ending quest. Like my first lighting teacher would say, you can learn the basics of lighting in a week, but spend the rest of your life getting it right. It’s important stuff to do, but sometimes I can get so focused on the details of my art that I forget to step back and just look at what I am making. Words like these from Andrea help me regain my perspective, and remember why I am making this in the first place.

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