Let me be your artist in residence

April 18, 2007 in Art as a professiontopics:

If you are a nature-focused organization looking for its own artist in residence, I’d like to offer my services. My fine art photography explores our relationship to the natural environment through meditative abstractions of fallen leaves, sticks, and seeds. By bringing organic colors and themes into your work environment, my artwork reinforces your organization’s connection and dedication to the environment. My abstract, dreamlike images encourage people to actively discuss how they see and understand the environment.

Abstract macro photograph of bark that has peeled off a tree. ©Daniel Sroka.

Abstract macro photograph of moss that has peeled off a tree.

How’s that for a sales pitch? 🙂 Oh, you’re not sure what I am talking about? Well, once again, Seth uncovers a brilliant idea: corporations who hire an artist in residence. Lately I’ve been working on new ideas of how to promote my art, and this idea fits in perfectly. Since my art focuses on nature, and on seeing the everyday natural world with new eyes, I think I’d be a perfect match for an organization that focused on environmental issues or a company who’s products were strongly connected with the nature. Now, let’s see, where can I find find these kinds of organizations…..

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