two lessons about our climate reality

September 04, 2020 in Nature and environmenttopics:

I just completed the Climate Reality Project’s Leadership Corps training, a full week of lessons, information, discussion and ideas. It was a fascinating and absorbing week — at times depressing, but in the end inspiring.

My discussion table all week, the indefatigable table 222.

I think the most important lesson I learned was that what gets in our way is not the impossibility of the situation, but our own inertia. The problems we face are huge, and can feel overwhelming. But solutions are already being dreamed up. Progress is possible. We simply need the political will to push forward solutions that are already in our grasp.

Second lesson: that nearly everything we need to do to reduce the effects of climate change has huge side benefits as well: creating new industries, building new job markets, and even the possibility of launching new social dynamics. Fighting climate change isn’t a penalty, but an opportunity. And those who fight climate change fight human progress.

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