kicking and screaming to make art

February 05, 2014 in Art as a professiontopics:

Last week, the writer and actor Wil Wheaton discussed some of the difficulties behind creating. He described how his friend Cory can just sit down and effortlessly write, while for him, it is a slower and more challenging process.

We have all known people like Cory, people for whom the act of creating is as simple as breathing. Annoying, aren’t they? I’ve always felt a mix of awe and jealousy about artists who have it so easy. But the ones who particularly get my goat are those who seem to be clueless that others don’t have it so easy. Those artists who rattle go on and on about they make art because they “simply must!”, that they “can’t help but create.” Well, good for them, I suppose. Wish I could be the same.

I have the desire and talent to make art, but not the super easy ability to do it. To create something, I need to work at it. I need to push it, kick it, and scream at it in order to make it happen. Making art is not a fun or easy process. It’s fickle, it’s frustrating, and it’s full of self-doubt.

But, you know what, that’s ok. Because, as hard as it is, I am still creating. And if I’m lucky, in the end I have made something “where I didn’t have something before” (to quote Mr. Wheaton). And the pain and the difficulty are all worth it.

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