it’s now easier to find the exact art you want

June 11, 2013 in Newstopics:

Sometimes when people are looking for art, they very specific needs. For example, they want horizontal images to fit a certain space, with green in them to fit the decor of the room. Or, they are looking for intriguing, engaging artwork for the main entrance to their home.


So I decided to do something about it! I have added new filtering feature to my website to make these kind of searches easier to do. When you visit my art collection, you can now dynamically filter it based on a whole bunch of criteria (orientation, color, mood, style), quickly isolating a small collection of art that perfectly fits your needs. And it’s also just a great way to explore my ever-growing collection of art. I’ve already used to to rediscover old works I haven’t thought of in years.

Like all of my website, I coded this new feature by hand. I know, it might sound odd: an artist who likes to code. But I find it very natural. There is a craft to coding that is engaging, and provides a nice counterbalance to the more fluid process of making art. Besides, this website is the home for my art, and I like knowing that I build it, myself.

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