how a new collector chose my art

May 15, 2013 in Art as a professiontopics:

Daniel Sroka / installation in Oregon

A new collector of my art shared with me how she chose my art for her home. With the art she selected and the way she installed it, I believe she created a perfect composition for this nature-oriented retreat in her home:

“(Our home has) a spacious reading room overlooking a lovely wooded spot in our yard and a small creek with two little waterfalls with plunge pools. The room’s architecture was designed to draw one’s eye directly to the outdoor trees and water and is furnished simply so as not to distract from that goal. It’s a peaceful, meditative room… but also had a spacious blank wall.

I’ve been watching for a large piece of eye-catching art that would enhance the room without taking away from the view — a seeming contradiction of purpose. Your four handsome photographs are not only stunningly beautiful and intriguingly interesting but I chose them for their quiet presence. They will be available for contemplation and enjoyment but not at the expense of the natural setting outside. As a matter of fact, being of natural subjects they coordinate beautifully.

And here’s my favorite quote:

I leave all leaf litter, ferns, wildflowers, rock and mosses to take over their spaces outside as they choose. One could imagine that you picked up a leaf from outside the window and we brought it inside. Perfect!”

She gets it. Absolutely gets it.

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