hang and arrange my art on a virtual wall

March 17, 2011 in Newstopics:

Hey, guess what? I have greatly improved my website’s lightbox feature! You can now actually hang my photographs on a virtual wall. Choose as many pieces as you like, then freely move and resize them on the “wall” to find the perfect arrangement. This powerful (and fun) new tool will help you visualize how my photographs work together in a collection. Check out these examples:

Another new feature is my random lightbox. Select any keyword to create a lightbox of randomly-selected matching photographs. It’s a great way to explore my collection, and find art that is thematically-related. Try out these samples:

hang and arrange my art on a virtual wall

I’ve had some people ask me how I did this: let’s just say months of hard work! If you know me, you know that in addition to being an artist I’m a bit of a coding geek. I’ve been programming since I wrote a drawing program on my Apple II back in 1980. I created this lightbox using a combination of jQuery, Javascript, AJAX, and PHP. It was a challenging project, but wow, so much fun to do!

Click here to play more with my improved lightbox.

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