feeling the pressures of fall

October 31, 2019 in About my arttopics:

Autumn is a source of inspiration for my art. But it can also be a source of tension. Every leaf I see is a potential work of art. But that means every leaf I walk past is art that will never get made. It can be difficult to pick up a leaf and decide “sorry, not you”. Every leaf could be keep me busy for hours, days or weeks of making art. Sometimes I look around, and am a little overwhelmed by all the possibility surrounding me, and the pressure to bring some of it to life.

You know those movies where someone with telepathic abilities is overwhelmed by all the voices they can hear? Sometimes, it feels like that. I walk outside, and every single leaf I see is the raw material for a work of art. Every single leaf is a potential story, and each is clamoring to be told. I need to harden myself against it, and limit what I choose to bring home to my studio. Otherwise, I’ll get nothing done.

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