Creativity and Fear

A quote from Seth Godin:

The enemy of creativity is fear… In the long run, the enemy of fear is creativity. I’m sure of it.

I disagree. The relationship between the two is much more symbiotic. Fear is a natural part of creativity because the act of creating is a scary, scary thing. If I’m not a little afraid when I’m making art — afraid I’ll fail, afraid I’ll succeed, afraid that things are out of my control — then I know I’m not being really creative. When I feel calm and in control, my art reflects that calm, and is dull and lifeless. But when I reach that point where the art begins to leap out of my control. Where I keep working, but the art feels like something far beyond what I am capable of, as if someone else was making it. That’s when my guts begin to twist, and the doubts crop up, and I wonder what the heck I am doing. And if I manage to push through that fear and just… keep… going… that’s when the real art is made. Fear is the signal that you are being creative. The trick is never letting the fear stop you.

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