collecting the new fall leaves

September 30, 2013 in About my arttopics:,


Summer feels like it just barely ended. But with the arrival of October (already?!), the temperature has begun to creep down, and the leaves have started to fall. Yes, my favorite time of year! Every fall, I usually head out to the local parks for my annual “leaf hunt” — the time I build up my collection of leaves, etc. to photograph throughout the winter. But this year, the leaves have began to fall so early and fast, and I have been able to find the best subjects right around my house.

Every time I walk the kids to and from their bus stop, I pick up a few to bring back to the studio. The kids help too, interrupting their chatter to pick up a leaf and ask “how about this one?”. I have collected so many already, that I had to throw away a box of leaves from last fall that I never managed to work with, just to make room. I’m excited to get started — this year’s collection is particular good, especially for the maple leaves. I believe that the dry weather we’ve been having has helped them curl into fascinating shapes, like wind-whipped flags frozen still.

And we still have weeks to go in this leaf season. I wonder where I’ll stash them all…?


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