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Yes, this really is my job. Reflections on the experience of being a full-time professional artist.

on boredom

An art student wrote to me today, and described how she was started to get bored with a project she was working on, and lacked the motivation to continue with it. Yeah, boredom can be a part of being an artist. We’re often told that…  read more


Whenever you haven’t made art in a while — whether its been a few days or a few months — you get rusty. Starting again is always a slow and sputtering process. I can almost feel a coarse red grit slowing my creativity down to a crawl, hampering my ability to create. And with that grit often comes the same familiar doubts. But I have learned through experience that this “creative rust” is not a problem, but a necessary part of the artistic process.

Who has influenced my art

Artistically, I am inspired by a broad range of artists, cartoonists, and writers. Here’s a short list of some I am particularly indebted to….

why I don’t sell limited editions

June 15, 2020 in Art as a professiontopics:

First of all, photography is an open edition art form. Limited editions make total sense for many traditional art forms, where the master image degrades with each printing. But one of the pleasures of photography is that you are not limited in the number of prints you can make from a negative. And this is even more true with digital photography where the master file never degrades. Nearly every photographer I admire, going back to Ansel himself, uses open editions. It’s just a natural medium for photography.


When I was a kid, scarcity was part of the music experience. We’d scour used record bins in the backs of stores for quirky or interesting albums. We’d jerry-rig antennas to pick up that one crazy little radio station playing Frank Zappa. We save up…  read more

Artexpo New York 2016

April 06, 2016 in Art as a professiontopics:,

This week I am once again showing my art at Artexpo New York. Unlike previous years where I had my own booth, this year I am a part of the ADC Fine Art / Blink team in booth 109. The last show I did on…  read more

the darkroom vs computer

In a way, a darkroom is just rough industrial age computer, one that uses chemicals instead of code. Both are machines, tools that let us resolve and visualize captured data. Isn’t this what Eastman hinted at, with the old “you press the button” ad campaign?…  read more

kicking and screaming to make art

February 05, 2014 in Art as a professiontopics:

Last week, the writer and actor Wil Wheaton discussed some of the difficulties behind creating. He described how his friend Cory can just sit down and effortlessly write, while for him, it is a slower and more challenging process. We have all known people like…  read more

advice to an art student – part 2

An art student ask for some advice about how I make my style of art. This a continuation of what I wrote back to her. Once you have taken the time to slow down, relax, and try to really see the scene in front of…  read more

advice to an art student – part 1

I received a great email the other day. A college student wrote to tell me: “You are a huge inspiration to me as a photographer. I wanted you know know that you really helped me develop as an artist and see the world in a…  read more