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My mission to create art that will help deepen our personal bond with the natural world, making us more empathetic towards nature as a whole, and encouraging us to do more to protect it.

Vote like nature depends on it

October 13, 2020 in Nature and environmenttopics:

One of the “side effects” of making my natural abstract art is that I spend a lot of time immersed in nature: looking at it, working with it, and thinking about it. Over the years this has made me grow more aware of climate change…  read more

my climate story

Earlier this month I participated in The Climate Reality Project‘s leadership training program. It was a solid week of information, presentations, discussion and networking. One of our first assignments was to write our “climate story” — a account of how you became personal invested in the…  read more

two lessons about our climate reality

September 04, 2020 in Nature and environmenttopics:

I just completed the Climate Reality Project’s Leadership Corps training, a full week of lessons, information, discussion and ideas. It was a fascinating and absorbing week — at times depressing, but in the end inspiring. I think the most important lesson I learned was that what…  read more

Shakespeare and nature

I recently took the family to the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey’s hilarious-yet-touching production of As You Like It. At one point in the story, the exiled Duke Senior is cheering up his entourage as they seek shelter in the forest, extolling the benefits of…  read more

inspiration in the common and overlooked

My abstract photographs explore our personal relationship with the natural world we experience everyday. I find my inspiration in common and overlooked scraps of nature, like this fallen leaf. They are a part of our environment we usually ignore, or at best consider a nuisance….  read more

Getting past the overly-familiar

Certain scenes are so popular in nature photography, that their popularity drains them of any emotional significance. After years of seeing the work of Ansel and his imitators, I had felt this way about Yosemite. Over-familiarity had bred an indifferent attitude in me. I had…  read more

Oh how funny and strange

Stanislaw Lem died yesterday. His writing has had a great influence on me and how I see the world. His stories combined a clarity of thought and vision with a sense of awe and wonder. The universe is not a simple place, easily defined. It…  read more