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why I don’t sell limited editions

June 15, 2020 in Art as a profession & Featuredtopics:

First of all, photography is an open edition art form. Limited editions make total sense for many traditional art forms, where the master image degrades with each printing. But one of the pleasures of photography is that you are not limited in the number of prints you can make from a negative. And this is even more true with digital photography where the master file never degrades. Nearly every photographer I admire, going back to Ansel himself, uses open editions. It’s just a natural medium for photography.

My love of leaves

September 22, 2014 in About my art & Featuredtopics:,

You might have noticed that I love leaves. Especially the leaves of autumn, that have fallen from the trees and started to dry, color and curl. While most people see leaves as a seaonal nuisance to be raked up, I find them so unexpectly deep…  read more