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Stories and ideas behind how I create my art: from the ideas that fuel my creativity to the techniques that help me realize it.

what I see in the leaves of autumn

November 21, 2017 in About my arttopics:

Autumn is my busiest time for creating new art. My days are a cycle of collecting leaves as they fall, studying them in my studio, then photographing them. Watching the motion of the falling leaves, I see more than just pretty colors. I see the…  read more


September 18, 2017 in About my arttopics:

Leaves, as you might guess, are my favorite subject to work with. But every autumn I worry if I will burn out, and not be able to find anything to photograph. But every year, come October, I am inspired again and again. In this case,…  read more


July 25, 2017 in About my arttopics:

This abstract leaf seems to be ablaze with the heat of summer.

A baby marigold for Mother’s Day

July 11, 2017 in About my arttopics:,

Our kids gave their mother a marigold for Mother’s Day years ago, and each fall we harvest the seeds and replant them in the spring. We have now had generations of this marigold’s family living with us, and each year it amazes me again.

Time to discover

May 31, 2017 in About my arttopics:

This is one of those photographs that takes time to discover. I had to live with it for over a year and a half to really begin to see its potential. Always on the verge of throwing it away, something kept encouraging me to hang…  read more

Coaxing spring to last

May 19, 2017 in About my arttopics:

In our yard we have crabapple trees and forsythia bushes. For one week each spring, they burst out into colors that are bright, energetic and full of life. But they last just a short time, quickly wilting, and by the end of the week, the…  read more

More colors of autumn

October 27, 2016 in About my arttopics:

A little over a week ago, the first leaves began to turn color. And today, a chilled rain is knocking the last of the leaves from the trees. What a short season! But before the rain, I was able to collect a large number of…  read more

Autumn colors

October 14, 2016 in About my arttopics:, ,

Fall is here, which means more leaves to collect and work with! I have started a new art project this month, exploring the colors of autumn. A lot of my recent new work worked with very neutral colors and tones, so it is refreshing to…  read more

new art celebrates the colors and energy of spring

May 18, 2016 in About my arttopics:

See my new art collection celebrating spring. Spring in the northeast is an explosion of delicate, temporary color. Flowers like the forsythia, or blooms on a crabapple tree, come for a very brief but intense time. Suddenly, the world is full of color. And a…  read more

an interplay of form and texture

February 24, 2016 in About my arttopics:

The seed pods from maple trees are a favorite subject of mine to photograph. This is partly because they contain a wonderful interplay with form and texture: the sleek, aerodynamic shape of the seed, combined with its intricate, vein-like texture. But honestly, my love of…  read more