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I’m the Featured Artist on Area of Design

September 11, 2007  in  News related posts:

It seems to be my month of interviews! I have been chosen to be the current Featured Artist on Area of Design, an organization that showcases established and emerging artists. They are a great site, and it’s an honor to be among all of the…  read more

Interviewed by Postive Focus

September 07, 2007  in  News related posts:,

A couple weeks ago, I received an nice surprise: an email from Positive Focus asking to do an interview about my photography. Positive Focus is a great nonprofit organization for “emerging photoartists” based in Brooklyn, and every month they have an interview with one of…  read more

now with added etsy

July 09, 2007  in  News related posts:

After thinking about the different art markets for a while, and asking a lot of people for advice, I finally decided to open a shop on Etsy. I’ll be selling small, affordable open edition prints of my most popular photography. At first I struggled with…  read more

Art and News: Spring 2007

May 10, 2007  in  News related posts:

Spring has finally taken hold, and just this past week all of the trees suddenly decided that having leaves would be a good idea. It’s been a busy winter and spring for me. The cold and wet weather gave me a good opportunity to hole…  read more

New press for Modern Ketubah

March 28, 2006  in  News related posts:

My ketubah business, Modern Ketubah, recently got a couple nice mentions in the press. The first is a post called Ketubahs with Love in the blog Fresh Bride. This blog is run by ceremony designer Tracy Masington, and offers a wealth of ideas for making…  read more