bon voyage old friend

April 08, 2010 in Art as a professiontopics:

I’m a photographer, which means I have a deep love for the tools of my art. You grow quite attached to the cameras, lenses, and printers that help you transform a vision you have into a real object that you can share with the world. This morning, I said goodbye to one of these tools, my beloved old Epson 7600 printer.

When I decided it was time to upgrade my printer, I knew I had to find a good home for my 7600, which has served me so well for the past five years. I couldn’t just auction it off on eBay — this printer has been a vital part of my creative life for too long. We had made so much art together. We created hundreds of ketubahs for couples around the world together. It helped me launch my art career, and helped me grow as an artist. No, I couldn’t just auction it off. It needed a proper home, where it would be appreciated, where it could continue to do good.

So when the state of New Jersey announced their very extreme budget cuts, costing some schools almost all of their state funding, I knew what I had to do. I called up my local high school’s art department, and they jumped at the chance. As the head of the program said, “In these times of budget tightening, there would be no way we could even consider purchasing one.” It makes me happy to know that this wonderful printer, this amazing art creation tool, will go to help these students discover themselves as artists.

Bon voyage, old friend. May you continue to make art.

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