back to making new art

This morning I started work on some new photographs. This is the first time in months that I’ve worked on anything new, and it feels good. The past few months have kept me very busy. A good kind of busy, getting things done that needed to be done. I’ve sold prints to new collectors. I’ve gotten more ketubah orders this past month than ever before. I’ve laid the groundwork for new marketing efforts. Good, solid work. Just far too busy to find the time to make art.

So after spending two solid days shipping ketubahs (and wrestling with FedEx’s crazy new gas-hike rates) I decided I needed a break, and make something new. I walked over to my shooting table, and set up a piece of dried bark in my clamps. I cranked up the music loud (tuned to my usual weird combination of power pop, down tempo and alt rock). I cleaned the dust off my lens, flicked on the lights, and started to explore….

…ARGH! Until I was pulled away by a call that my shopping cart might have a bug in it. Sigh. And it’s back to the grindstone. For now, at least. But I’ll be back to making art soon. I’m in the groove and can’t be stopped that easy.

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