Back to making art!

After what feels like forever, today I am back to making art. And it feels great!

The last few months been so busy (prepping for Artexpo, relationship-building afterwards, ramping up my ketubah biz for wedding season, etc.), that I haven’t been able to take as much time as I want or need for making art. But I’ve finally freed up some time, and am plunging in.

The first step though is a doozy: going through the boxes and boxes of leaves, bark, sticks and so on that I have collected since last summer. And oh boy, it’s a lot of stuff. Here’s a taste of it for you:

Working my way through my collection of leaves, sticks, bark, etc

Yowch, what a mess. I have to try to get a handle on this mass of raw material, so after taking my allergy medicine (seriously, it’s a hazard of this kind of work) I spread the boxes all around me, and going through them leaf by leaf, stick by stick. I examine each piece and see if the spark of energy or spirit that originally caught my eye is still there. If not, into the compost. If it does still intrigue me, I sort it into rough piles and move on.

OK, enough talk, time to get to work!

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