Photoblogs – enough already!

Am I the only person who’s a little… bored… with daily photoblogs? When they first became popular, I followed a number of them, and it was kind of exciting to see this new medium for showing work. But quickly it just became too much, a bit of an overload of sameness. I mean, I have no interest in reading the daily thoughts of my favorite author — I’d rather wait and read his latest novel, a work that took time and thought. The same goes with photography. Don’t show me how prolific you can be. Show me how thoughtful you can be. I guess I’d rather see 5 carefully chosen works than one-a-day.

You may have noticed that I haven’t yet published any of my photos on this blog. That’s a conscious choice. I tried it for a while, but quickly grew bored with it. I found myself judging my work based on the demands of my publishing schedule, instead of its quality.