An artist’s obligation

January 18, 2008 in Art as a professiontopics:,

“An artist’s obligation is to create and support his loved ones.” Yuri Gevorgian Yuroz

Amen. Seriously, what else matters? It is too easy to get hung up on unimportant matters. I know that when my nose is to the grindstone, and I’m cranking out work, I can quickly lose perspective on the real reason I decided to make a career as an artist. I would clarify Yuroz’s terms though:

Create: This doesn’t mean create masterpieces. It doesn’t mean create award-winning work. It doesn’t mean create art that takes the art world by storm and propels you to worldwide fame. It means create, plain and simple. The goal is to be able to create something, anything, to use my mind and your hands to make something out of nothing. The specifics of what you create are secondary.

Support: Support doesn’t mean make tons of money. It doesn’t mean selling your work for tens of thousands of dollars. It doesn’t mean becoming a rockstar artist who jets into every art show trailing groupies and collectors. It means, simply enough, making enough money from your creativity to support your family. To have a comfortable and enjoyable life.

It is always good to remind myself that my goal as an artist is to support my family through my creativity — in whatever form that takes. If I can do this, I’ll be a success.

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