seeing the world through someone else’s eyes

I believe that people buy art so that they can see the world through someone else’s eyes. Most people are used to seeing the world in only one way: through their getting-through-the-day eyes. They are used to seeing things as they are, and using their eyes as a tool so they don’t bang their knee into the coffee table or spill their coffee. Practical, effective, but sometimes a little dull. They know that there are other ways to experience the world, but don’t necessarily know how to do it themselves. That’s where the artist comes in. People buy art in order to borrow the artist’s point of view for a while, to borrow their eyes, talent and perspective. To get themselves out of rut of their own perspective, and for a moment see things a little differently.

Even artists need this. I am always amazed at how many different ways there are to see and experience the world. When I buy art, I want to know about the artist. I want to understand a little about the skills, experiences and attitudes that allow him or her to see the world the way they do. This lets me “calibrate” my vision to theirs, so that when I look at their art, and am temporarily looking at the world through the artist’s eyes, I gain a better understanding about what I am seeing.

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Before I ‘became’ an artist, I had my house filled with art. I bought art to fill in a gap that I felt existed in ME. I thought if I had certain things people would think this or that about me. Art was like a language that I could not speak, I knew it meant something when I saw it…it spoke to me without using words and I was always trying to understand what it was saying.
I never could understand and eventually got rid of everything I owned. Now I make art. And making it is the same thing in a different way. Now I feel as if I am speaking when I make art….and I still do not know what it is I am saying, but it is important that I say it.