shut up and make art

Every once and a while I need to remind myself of something important. That the primary job of an artist is… to create art. It’s not marketing, social networking, nor applying for shows. My job is to sit in that studio, and sweating out new works of art, again and again and again.

I know, sounds obvious, right? But with all of the entrepreneurial responsibilities that come with being an artist, it can be easy to forget. You find yourself spending so much time trying to promote your work, gain some sort of recognition, and God willing, sell a few pieces, that you forget that if you don’t make the art, you won’t have anything to sell.

So I’m trying to kick myself in the pants, and get my productivity back on track. Even though the wedding ketubah season is quickly ramping up, I need to carve out a set amount of time each day to turn off the email and Twitter, turn on the music, and create. Or at least try to create. Already this week I have spent every morning in the studio, working on new pieces. But now I need to buckle down, and keep this up. Care to join me?


I’m in! I had the same wake up call this week. Instead of spending all my time ruminating about what to do with existing work, I have set myself goals for the next few months. The goals are connected to marketing opportunities, but still, they require long hours of creating art—new ideas—pushing myself. I am looking forward to the challenge!

Funny you should write about this. I just started tracking my time and was upset to see how little time I spend actually working on my photography.

I found a program that is helping me record my time and what I am working on – It’s been very illuminating…..

I think having spring in the air is causing us all to get a little jumpy and want to make more art!

Dianne: interesting idea, keeping such a detailed log of your studio time. I tried that once, and it didn’t work for me. Instead, I am going to try to keep track of my productivity. I’m going to look at how many new photographs I added to my website last year, and increase that amount (regardless of how much or little time it takes). I’m hoping that *this* will keep me motivated!

Thanks for the great reminder! I have had my head buried in website redesign amongst other things, and I have so many images I could be making instead.

I guess you have taken your own advice and are out making art. Thank you for this post – I found it referred to on another blog and thought…. yeah, that’s absolutely right. Good for you. Thanks for saying. Happy Art Making!