preparing for Artexpo

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Artexpo NYC is just a month away, and I am crazy-busy getting ready for it. This is my first big tradeshow, and it is amazing what a logistical challenge it is to prepare for! There’s a thousand-and-one decisions to be made, from big to small: what to display, how to display it, what marketing materials to bring, what they should say, etc. It’s the less-glamorous side of the art career that is rarely mentioned.

My plan for my booth at Artexpo

The only way to proceed is to organize like crazy, trust my gut,and plow ahead. My show notebook is stuffed with outlines, strategies, timetables and price lists. Each day I hopefully check more things off my to do list than I add. In just the past couple weeks, I have:

  • finished printing all my canvases and sent them out to the framer
  • designed and submited my ad for the show guide
  • rewrote and finalized my new brochure
  • planned all the details of my booth’s display

And this week, I’m working on a slew of small but crucial details: how to display my portfolio, getting racks for selling prints, ordering additional lights, figuring out what supplies I’ll need for installation, getting badges for my “staff” (aka my brother and sister-in-law). It never ends!

Ad for the Artexpo show guide

My ad for the Artexpo show guide

Well, it does end — in one month! And that part is the most intimidating. Preparing for the show is crazy, but is nothing I can’t handle. It’s just hard work, and I can do hard work easily. But once the show arrives, I’ll have to get that booth set up on my own, and then man my station for three long full days. It’ll be a marathon test of my ego, as person after person walks by with just the slightest of glances. It’ll be a boot camp in how to sell myself and my art, as I try to explain my art again and again. Whew. It’s scary, but you know what? It’s pretty exciting too.

Come visit me at booth S169 in the SOLO area.

See my work at Artexpo New York: March 25-27, 2011