Juried shows: a follow-up

So, I just learned that I didn’t make the cut for yet another competition I entered. Sigh. So annoying. So hard not to get frustrated. But the stats of this show just to go prove my point about how futile these competitions are as a way for an artist to get seen. This competition had only 500 entrants, but each artist had to submit 20 works. They gave the judges one 8-hour day to review them all and make a decision. This means that (if you assume they took a lunch break), they had 7 hours to review 10,000 images, which is 1,428 images per hour, or 23 a minute, or about 3 seconds per image. You have to assume that after the first few thousand images, eyes began to tear up and artwork began to blur together. Again, I don’t blame the judges — they are given an impossible job. It’s just reinforces that contrary to popular opinion, competitions are not a good way to get your work seen. Unless you are lucky enough to have your work seen right after a coffee break.

I think from now on, I’m going to have to be much pickier about shows I enter. They need to have a realistic scale; small and focused enough so that I know my work can actually get given a fair shake. And the results if you win have to be tangible and practical for my career — more than just a line-item on my resume.


Hope springs eternal coupled with a healthy dose of masochism – that’s what I’ve decided is my excuse for continuing to try to get into juried shows. As I come closer to understanding what I really want, it becomes easier to see which of these shows is worth exposing my sometimes fragile feelings to and what other avenues are more productive.

how have i missed these last posts? forgive me for not dropping by.
sorry to hear about this..I remember reading whatshis face the guy that sends out emails…the painterskey, didn’t he talk about the fact that when he sat as a juror he noticed that soon all the work people picked started flowing together and they found that plenty of good works went by the ways side as they continued to foloow a certain body of work?
hopefully you didn’t have to pay a submission fee.

by the way, how is the macro t-shirt selling? that looks GREAT on your sidebar.