busy busy busy

January 28, 2009  in  Art as a profession       Related posts:  

Because half of my business is related to weddings, the winter months are usually my slow period. It’s the time of year when all the busy work grinds down, and I have more time for taking photographs, or writing in my blog. But not this year. This year… whew… my slow season has been busier than ever.

I’ve been working like crazy on new business ideas and projects, and have had hardly a free moment to just play in the studio. It can be frustrating, not having my usual free time for making art, but in a way it is also pretty exciting. This is because all of the things that are keeping me busy are good things, big things. I am creating a new store, and forging new relationships with artists around the world for it. I am developing new marketing ideas to try to keep my business flourishing, in spite of the economy. And while I am not creating anything new, I have been revisiting old work, and finding new ways to see it, and present it, and (hopefully) sell it.

While I may not have had much time in the studio, I feel my creativity has been running full steam. In a way, the biggest and most challenging art project an artist can create is the business of making a living as an artist.