the value of boring photographic subjects

September 07, 2006  in  Art as a profession       Related posts:  

One of my favorite photographic subjects is the flower. It’s a great combination of organic complexity and character, and can be a great source of inspiration. Yet many photographer mock flower photos. “It’s been done to death,” they moan, as they go and shoot Yet Another Photo of a Mountain. But comments like that just show a lack of imagination and inspiration.

Every possible photographic subject has been “done to death”. Landscapes, wildlife, nudes, still life, street photography — countless photographers have created countless photos on each of these subjects.

But that doesn’t matter. As long as someone can feel the presence of the photographer in the image, regardless of the subject, it is a success. I did not choose photography as my art because I wanted to bag unique subjects, like some game hunter. I chose photography because it lets me express things I can’t in any other way. The specific subject of the photograph is just the medium for that expression, the canvas for my paint, the means to that creative end.