a benefit of working from home

Jackson’s first day of school ©Daniel Sroka

Working from home can be tough. Working for yourself can be tougher. It’s hard not having an infrastructure to work within, guidelines that help you know what’s expected of you. It’s tough not having any co-workers, people to chat with, work with, and use as sounding boards. But there are benefits to working for yourself. Here’s one: I get to see this smile every other day when I pick up my son from preschool. Gotta love it.


You are absolutely right Daniel. The benefits far outway the negatives. I know my relationship with my daughter is better with me at home than if I were still in an office. Like you, I miss some of the support and predictability of a corporate job. Not having a sounding board of co-workers is probably the thing I miss most. Being in total control of all aspects of the process is both great and tough. Following a dream is a strong motivator also, but your photo sums up the main reason why we do it.

All your points are valid, Dan – but your son is so worth it and adorable too.

I know when I look at my almost 10 year old daughter, I know that she has less years with us now than she has lived with us if she were to leave the house at age 18. The time goes by so fast and every day is precious.

I am struck by how confident your son looks….confident I’m sure because of having loving supportive parents and being safe in the world. One can just see strength in this child. Good job 🙂