New press for Modern Ketubah

March 28, 2006  in  News       Related posts:  

My ketubah business, Modern Ketubah, recently got a couple nice mentions in the press. The first is a post called Ketubahs with Love in the blog Fresh Bride. This blog is run by ceremony designer Tracy Masington, and offers a wealth of ideas for making your wedding ceremony unique. We traded some emails, and I really enjoyed her creativity, thoughts and inspiration. She’s obviously someone who loves her work. I’m happy to be part of her site.

I was also interviewed for an article in The Jewish Week about contemporary trends in ketubah designs. Interviews are fun to do because they give you a chance to sit back and reflect on the motivations of your work. But they also happen so fast, it’s sometimes hard to make your point. For example, one of my quotes doesn’t exactly exactly capture what I was trying to say. The article says:

But when Sroka looked at a picture he had taken of an old rosebush, he found the relationship symbolism he was looking for. “It was this craggy, ugly, messy thing where the stems were massive and strong,” he said. “With a little bit of care, a little bit of attention, it still thrives and grows. A flower is something that’s temporary; you can’t take it for granted.”

What I really meant was that my wife and I saw the ancient rose bush as a perfect symbol for marriage, a combination of strength and beauty. The strength of its ancient branches support and protect the plant, and keeps it alive. Yet in spite of its toughness, you cannot take it for granted. It requires constant attention to reach its full potential and bloom.

They also used one of my ketubot to illustrate the article, which is great. But unfortunately, they munged it into a low-bit GIF that looks awful. (Why don’t editors just ask for smaller files when they need them? Sigh.) But overall, I’m happy — it’s always nice to get some good press.