I’ve added new photographs to my site

I just emailed my autumn newsletter, in which I announced the newest photographs added to my website. These are photographs that I created over the summer, including abstract photographs of fallen leaves, sunflowers and dahlias. If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve already seen most of them as works in progress. But some are new, and all have been edited and refined.

New botanical abstracts by Daniel Sroka
Go visit the new botanical abstracts by Daniel Sroka

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The new images are great. I admire how you continue to refine and advance with this body of work. It shows the beauty of limiting what you focus on (so to speak).

To many artist and photographers are “all over the place”. I think that dilutes the creative energy and slows growth. Your work is the opposite of that. Subtle, rich and painterly.

I wish you would add a new portrait of yourself on the blog. That one has been there too long.