work in progress: twin tulips

May 22, 2009  in  About my art       Related posts:  

Had a great day in the studio yesterday. My plan was to spend at least an hour working on new art. But I got inspired, and the next thing I knew, I had spent the whole day shooting. These photos are of a bunch of tulips we bought with the kids on our weekly shopping trip.


These flowers had been in a vase all week, so they were fully open, and drooping in the most interesting ways. Luckily, I timed the shoot well — I came down this morning and found that the petals already began falling off.


This is the studio setup for these shots. You can see the second photograph being composed in the LCD screen of my camera. I love this camera (the Nikon D700). It’s Live View function, which lets you compose and focus through the LCD has been a big help to my creativity, and a big relief on my tired old eyes.