Work in progress: more views of a sunflower

Today I continued my third day photographing this single sunflower. It’s amazing how deeply you can get drawn into such as simple object. The more I worked with it, the more I wanted to continue exploring. What surprised me most about this work was how little it looks like it came from a sunflower. I discovered a graceful fluidity to the petals of this flower, a delicacy and feeling of animation that is contrary to its utilitarian and stiff reputation.

Sunflower 2 ©2009 Daniel Sroka

Sunflower 3 ©2009 Daniel Sroka

Sunflower 4 ©2009 Daniel Sroka

These are just a few photographs from the past few days. These are still raw works-in-progress, and will take a lot more work to get them where I feel then can go. But they give you a taste of what I’ve been working on.


Stephen: I spend most of today on that third one. I think I took a hundred shots of just that, all subtle variations of focus, exposure, composition. I managed to boil it down to 20 or so possible finalists before I burned out for the day!

I’m really liking the color of yellow in these photos. I think you are onto something here. Looks good!

It is interesting that off-hand I wouldn’t know exactly of what flower these are from, but they have certainly captured all of the essence of a sunflower.

Mark: that’s always my goal. I like making photographs that are enigmatic, photographs that feel familiar, although at first you are not quite sure why. I hope this encourage people to spend more time studying things that they might dismiss if they were too familiar.

One thing that I have always enjoyed seeing in a individual, or a photographer, is that when they see the possibilities that exists, then they work it to its fullest.
You are one of those photographers!