morning light – an abstract of a leaf

August 08, 2012  in  About my art       Related posts:  

Morning Light - abstract of a maple leaf ©2012 Daniel Sroka

While one side of this maple leaf dried to a neutral color, the other side retained its yellows and greens which glowed brightly when hit by the light.

I spend some time exploring how to rendering the background of this photograph. Since I work in my studio, I often just photograph my subjects against a plain background, or sometimes I’ll use paper, cardboard, or fabric to create a colored backdrop. But for this maple leaf, I wanted the background to echo its own colors and textures. After experimenting with different methods, I took some other leaves from the same tree and coarsely crushed them between my hands, affixing it to a board with some backwards packing tape. This coarse-looking contraption provided just the right amount of color and complexity to the image.