introducing new melting ice abstract photographs

A couple weeks ago, the snow fell deep and fast, and we had over a foot by the middle of the day. As often happens with these nor’easters, the snow was frequently interrupted by sleet and ice, forming layers of ice and snow.

The day after the storm, I watched out our kitchen window as the sun finally began to warm our frozen backyard. The layers of snow and ice began melting and mixing, forming these crazy, wild shapes. This transformation was especially fascinating on the railings of our deck. The snow had piled high, forming mounds four to five inches tall that were barely clinging to the thin rail beneath. As the snow fell away, it revealed tiny sculptures formed by the melting ice.

I grabbed my camera, and carefully crunched my way across the deck over snow drifts that came up to my knees whenever I broke through. I crouched down taking pictures, working as fast as I could until my fingers began scream at the cold. The results, I think, were worth it. It has been a long winter, but even in the midst of all this cold and ice, art can happen.

Here are a few of my new photographs, but click here to see all of my new ice photographs.

Axon I by Daniel SrokaAxon I by Daniel Sroka

Medallion I by Daniel SrokaMedallion I by Daniel Sroka

Blade I by Daniel SrokaBlade I by Daniel Sroka

Princess and Frog by Daniel SrokaPrincess and Frog by Daniel Sroka. (This one was named by my 7-year old daughter.)

Click here to see my full collection of new ice photographs.

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