Horizon ┬ęDaniel Sroka

Like so much of my work, this photograph came about from a happy accident. I was exploring a leaf for a couple days, with little to show for it. Aspects of the leaf that looked compelling to my eye failed to translate through the lens. But as I was working, I saw something of interest in the background — the background itself. I was looking down the length of the leaf from edge to edge, trying to focus on an interesting curl in the foreground when I noticed how the leaf disappeared into a haze of non-focus. I shifted my point of view towards the background, and saw how the leaf became a landscape, with mountains peeking above a fog. Once again, a lot of work was rewarded not by achieving my specific goal, but by opening my eyes to serendipity.

Added 2/21/08: After more work on getting the applied texture just right, I have decided that this photography is now final. I’ve also used it for one of my new ketubah designs, and am very happy with how it looks.


The texture in this shot, in addition to the mimic of a larger landscape, really makes it for me. Is this an applied texture of some type? I can just picture myself looking over this vista, enjoying the changing fog (perhaps even sand!).

Yes, the texture is applied, yet is still “natural” (meaning, it’s taken from the real world, not computer generated). Some of my recent photos have just felt the need for more texture; something to make them feel less “photographic” and more grounded and painterly. I’ve been experimenting over the past couple weeks, and have begun to achieve some results I really like. It’s a secret blend of herbs and spices though!

Well you’ve certainly succeeded in moving towards more “painterly”. This one really does feel like landscape painting. Very interesting stuff happening here and the color is extraordinary!

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You’re thrilled I’m sure.