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Horizon ©Daniel Sroka

Like so much of my work, this photograph came about from a happy accident. I was exploring a leaf for a couple days, with little to show for it. Aspects of the leaf that looked compelling to my eye failed to translate through the lens. But as I was working, I saw something of interest in the background — the background itself. I was looking down the length of the leaf from edge to edge, trying to focus on an interesting curl in the foreground when I noticed how the leaf disappeared into a haze of non-focus. I shifted my point of view towards the background, and saw how the leaf became a landscape, with mountains peeking above a fog. Once again, a lot of work was rewarded not by achieving my specific goal, but by opening my eyes to serendipity.

Added 2/21/08: After more work on getting the applied texture just right, I have decided that this photography is now final. I’ve also used it for one of my new ketubah designs, and am very happy with how it looks.