Fuse ©2007 Daniel Sroka

Speaking of glowing embers, I’ve been working on this photograph of a wild grape vine, which to me looks like a burning fuse. I found this vine growing at the top of the hill by our house, and snipped off some of the dried and very curled ends. I wasn’t sure what I was going to get when I started photographing it. But when I focused on a bit of detail on the vine, and let the shallow depth of field blur everything above it, it came out looking like smoke pouring from the end of the lit fuse. What do you think of the name? I was also considering “Ember”, or something more active like “Smoulder”.


Considering that both the dryness of the grape vine and the shortness of the fuse indicate that the end is near, perhaps something along that theme,such as “countdown” or “time waits for no man”, etc. I’m drawing a blank on a good title, but I like that theme for this image.

I think you need to stick with the fuse image rather than ember or smolder – those are more generalized and you’re definitely on the right track with the fuse. I kind of like the “countdown” from the comment above, but maybe it has the feel but not the imagery – how about “countdown fuse”?

I must admit, naming isn’t my best thing. I raised my kids to be naming fiends so that they could help me name my pieces. Keep your son on that track as he grows!

Since a lot of my work is very abstract, my usual naming convention is to find a single word that provides an concept for the viewer to hang on it, sort of a hint as to the “meaning” of the piece. My pieces are pretty subjective, so I try to keep the hints evocative and not too literal. It can be tough.

I don’t know how I got stuck on the one-word name convention, but it’s there. I often toy with abandoning it, but still, it seems to work.