About the art: Intermezzo

Art: Intermezzo

An art student just asked me some questions about this photograph. They were such good, interesting questions, I wanted to share my answers with you all.

Is there a story or meaning behind this photograph?

The meaning of a photograph usually comes out after I create it. While I am working with the leaf, I am only thinking in visual terms (colors, forms, textures, relationships), and nothing deeper than that. But once the photograph is created, then they begin to suggest an idea or mood. This photograph, named “Intermezzo”, is speaking about the sense of letting go, and trusting your ability to handle what comes. Of finally casting yourself off from expectation, and taking a chance on a dream.

Is the subject of time important to you?

The concept of time is “built-in” to the work I do, since I am working with subjects at a specific stage in their lives. I feel my photographs in some way try to reflect back on their lives, what they experienced.

Are there any hidden meanings in this photograph?

Only the ones the viewer brings to them! I try to not tell people too much what “meaning” I see in a photograph, since everyone has their own personal interpretation. That discovery is fascinating to me!

Is there a meaning to that name “Intermezzo”?

Like most of my art’s names, it just came to me. Something about the word resonated with the art, and I’m not even sure why. It just did, so I accept it.

Art: Intermezzo.

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