About Daniel Sroka

January 18, 2007 in topics:

I create abstract photographs from fallen leaves, ice, shells, and other small details of nature. They are raw material I shape into dreamlike abstractions of depth and texture.

Every fallen leaf is an endless source of mystery and inspiration. They are the haiku of nature: a simple, predictable form that can inspire thoughts of incredible and unexpected depth. I will spend hours, days, or even weeks working with an individual leaf, slowly deciphering the ideas locked within. Even after working with leaves for over 15 years, I love that I have only begun to understand what they can offer. My art isn’t about the leaves themselves — they are the raw material I shape with my camera into dreamlike abstractions of depth and texture. By combining a translucent palette with a precise use of detail, I give my photographs the emotional immediacy of a painting. From something dry, brittle, and faded I create art that is light, fluid, and filled with life.

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