a little help from your friends

September 11, 2009 in About my art & Art as a professiontopics:

Sometimes you need the help of friends and peers to see the potential in your own art. I had spent yesterday photographing some flowers we picked up at the farmers market last weekend. But after several hours of work, I was growing frustrated. Nothing was clicking: the flowers were not inspiring me, and the resulting photographs were feeling flat. Calling it a day, I half-heartedly posted one of the photographs to Twitter.

©Daniel Sroka

©Daniel Sroka

But when I checked in later that evening, I was surprised to find that my photograph had actually gotten more compliments and “re-tweets” than any other I have posted to Twitter:

Their enthusiasm not only gave me a much-needed lift, it encouraged me to re-examine the work I had been so ready to dismiss. And surprise, I actually discovered some gems hiding out amid the rubble. Being an artist can be a lonely profession. But sometimes, the small connections you make can really surprise you.

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