Quotations that inspire my photography

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Once and a while, I stumble upon something a poet or artist said, and their words resonates with me and with I am trying to accomplish with my artwork. They inspire me, whether they have any direct connection to what I do or not. I find myself scribbing them down -- on sticky notes, in text files, whatever -- so that I can find them again when I get confused or distracted.

"Every cat, every cow, every crocodile can look-at the world. Only we humans can see. To see is to experience, to the extent of identifying with what is seen. Looking-at is cold-hearted. Seeing touches the heart. When I SEE – suddenly I am all eyes, I dive into the reality of what confronts me, become part of it, participate in it. "
Frederick Franck, Artists and Writer

"When people look at my pictures, I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice."
Robert Frank, Photographer

"If I knew how to take a good photograph, I'd take one every time."
Robert Doisneau, Photographer

"The photographer can function as long as there is light: his work -- his adventure -- is a rediscovery of the world in terms of light."
Edward Weston, Photographer

"How could I have expected that after a long life I would understand no more than to wake up at night and to repeat: strange, strange, strange, O how strange, how strange, O how funny and strange."
Czeslaw Milosz, Poet

Hold with both hands The tray of every day And pass in turn Along this counter.
There is enough sun For everybody. There is enough sky, And there is moon enough.
The earth gives off the smell Of luck, of happiness, of glory, Which tickles your nostrils Temptingly.
So don't be miserly, Live after your own heart. The prices are derisory.
For instance, with only one life You can acquire The most beautiful woman, Plus a biscuit.
Marin Sorescu, Poet