Some of my favorite artists

I love seeing what other artists are up to, their ideas and creations. Here's a short list of some people who's work has recently moved me or inspired me.

Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison

(Photography) The ParkeHarrison's work floored me when I saw it at the Eastman House. It makes me wish I had thought of it, and had created it. It says things I didn't know I wanted to say.

Ted Orland

(Photography) I have great respect for Ted, and the beautiful work he does. His photographs are haunting, hovering in front of you like a almost-forgotten memory. His books on being an artist (Art and Fear is one) are a great resource for any artist or creative person.

John Chervinsky

(Photography) John's current series of photographs turn scientific symbolism and processes into artistic expressions. Fascinating.

Fanizani Akuda

(Sculpture) Fanizani's sculpture makes stone as expressive as a living creature.