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Working with the most familiar details of nature — such as fallen leaves, seeds, shells, flowers, and ice — I create dreamlike abstractions of surprising depth and meaning.Learn more.

fallen leaves

My main source of inspiration are leaves that have fallen from the trees. Even after 15 years of exploration, I am still discovering new possibilities.


Whenever outside, I gather the bark, seeds, and twigs that fall from trees. This humble 'litterfall' share stories of unexpected strength and grace.

after the storm

After an ice storm coats the world in a sheet of glass, I (carefully) venture outside, exploring the shapes and sculptures that form as the ice melts.

mirage and metaphor

I use the raw material of nature to tell stories, approaching my photography like a cinematographer does film.


This series explores the nature of the individual, solitary and isolated from its environment.

organic sculptures

I often work with abstraction as if it was clay, shaping it into sculptural forms with depth and substance.

nature of New Jersey

These photographs are connected to specific locations near my home in the suburbs of New Jersey.

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