I create meditations on the everyday significance of nature.

We most commonly experience nature through small, daily interactions — walking into the sunlight, feeling the rain, or hearing the wind in the leaves. It is through these familiar and quiet moments that we can start to build a rapport with the natural world.

My art helps grow these seemingly insignificant experiences into a deeper and more personal bond with nature. I believe that when we can recognize the significance of our everyday natural world, we become more likely to value and protect all of nature.

This is where my art begins. This is where my art begins.

I work exclusively with the common details of nature — leaves, seeds, bark, flowers, ice, shells — the natural world we see everyday. I intentionally slow how I experience nature, spending days or even weeks working with every single leaf or seed. My goal is to take the time to see each one as an individual, and come to appreciate its personal significance. I create my art to preserve that experience, so it can be shared and help others connect with nature in the same slow, thoughtful, observant way.

This is where my art begins.

Daybreak - an abstraction of a fallen leaf.